Top 10 XSS Challenge Games to Improve Web Security Skills

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) is a prevalent web application vulnerability that requires continuous learning and practical experience to effectively mitigate. To facilitate this learning process, numerous XSS challenge games have been developed, offering interactive platforms where users can test and enhance their XSS skills in a controlled and educational environment. In this article, we will explore a comprehensive list of notable XSS challenge games, discussing their features, benefits, and how they contribute to enhancing web security awareness.

1. Google XSS Game

The Google XSS Game stands as a pioneer in the realm of XSS challenge games. Created by the Google security team, this game presents a series of levels with progressively increasing difficulty. Participants are tasked with identifying and exploiting XSS vulnerabilities within simulated web applications. Through the Google XSS Game, users gain valuable hands-on experience in understanding, identifying, and mitigating XSS attacks. It caters to both beginners and advanced users, providing a solid foundation for web security knowledge.

2. XSS Game by HackThis!!

HackThis!! is an online platform renowned for hosting various hacking challenges, including an engaging XSS game. The XSS game on HackThis!! offers multiple levels, each featuring unique scenarios where XSS vulnerabilities are concealed. Users employ various techniques to discover and exploit these vulnerabilities, gaining practical understanding in a simulated real-world environment. This game nurtures an immersive learning experience by replicating scenarios where XSS attacks can occur.

3. XSS Attack by PwnFunction

XSS Attack by PwnFunction is a web-based game that focuses solely on XSS challenges. It presents participants with a series of levels, each representing a simulated vulnerable web application. Users must identify and exploit XSS vulnerabilities using creative payloads and injection techniques. This game features a user-friendly interface and provides hints and solutions to assist users in progressing through the levels.

4. XVWA (Xtreme Vulnerable Web Application)

XVWA, also known as Xtreme Vulnerable Web Application, is an intentionally vulnerable web application designed for practical web security training. It includes a dedicated section for XSS challenges, allowing users to learn various XSS techniques and their consequences. XVWA offers different difficulty levels and provides detailed explanations and hints to guide users through each challenge.

5. XSSRat

XSSRat is a web-based game that combines XSS challenges with a gamified storyline. Participants assume the role of a hacker infiltrating a virtual corporation by exploiting XSS vulnerabilities. The game presents progressively complex challenges that require understanding and exploitation of XSS weaknesses. XSSRat offers an engaging learning experience with an emphasis on practical application.

6. PortSwigger Web Security Academy:

PortSwigger's Web Security Academy provides an extensive collection of interactive labs covering various web security topics, including XSS. It offers hands-on learning experiences with real-world scenarios and challenges. Participants can practice identifying and exploiting XSS vulnerabilities in different contexts such as reflected, stored, and DOM-based XSS.

7. Web Security Academy by OWASP

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) offers the Web Security Academy, an online training platform that covers a wide range of web security topics, including XSS. The academy provides interactive labs and challenges, allowing users to gain practical experience in identifying, exploiting, and preventing XSS vulnerabilities.

8. is an online platform hosting numerous security challenges and vulnerable web applications. It includes a dedicated section for XSS challenges, allowing users to practice identifying and exploiting XSS vulnerabilities in various scenarios. fosters a collaborative environment, encouraging users to share their findings and solutions with the community.

9. XSS Quest by InfoSec Institute

InfoSec Institute's XSS Quest is an interactive game that presents users with a series of challenges to discover and exploit XSS vulnerabilities in simulated web applications. It covers different aspects of XSS attacks, including injection points and payloads. XSS Quest provides hints and explanations to support participants in their learning journey.

10. Micro-CMS v1 by Hacksplaining:

Hacksplaining offers a range of vulnerable web applications to help users learn about common security vulnerabilities, including XSS. Micro-CMS v1 is one of their challenges where participants find and exploit XSS vulnerabilities in a simple content management system. It offers a beginner-friendly environment for gaining practical experience in XSS attacks.

Final Word

XSS challenge games provide valuable opportunities for individuals to enhance their web security skills by actively engaging in identifying and mitigating XSS vulnerabilities. Platforms like the Google XSS Game, HackThis!!, XSS Attack by PwnFunction, XVWA, XSSRat, PortSwigger Web Security Academy, OWASP Web Security Academy,, XSS Quest by InfoSec Institute, and Micro-CMS v1 by Hacksplaining offer interactive environments where users can develop a deep understanding of XSS attacks and learn effective countermeasures. Engaging with these games contributes to better securing web applications against XSS attacks and increases overall awareness of web security. Continuous practice and learning in these immersive environments are essential for staying up to date with evolving XSS techniques and enhancing web application security skills.