Best Penetration Testing Companies and Service Providers

Penetration testing, also known as pen test or ethical hacking, is a critical approach to ensuring the security of information systems and networks. Companies specializing in providing pen testing services play a crucial role in helping organizations protect data, identify vulnerabilities, and address security threats.

Here are some of the best penetration testing companies in the world that have earned remarkable reputations in the industry:

1. Rapid7

Rapid7 is one of the leading cybersecurity companies offering innovative solutions in pen testing. They provide cloud and on-premise-based pen test services encompassing risk analysis, security scanning, and vulnerability assessment. The support of their experienced security experts has made Rapid7 a top choice for many global organizations.

2. NCC Group

NCC Group is an international company operating across various industrial sectors, providing high-quality pen testing services. Their team of experts offers advanced penetration testing, focusing on unique and complex problem-solving. Compliance with industry standards and their in-depth expertise make the NCC Group a reliable option for organizations seeking top-notch pen testing services.

3. Trustwave

Trustwave is a US-based cybersecurity services provider. They offer comprehensive pen testing services, including simulation of attacks, risk analysis, and vulnerability assessment. Trustwave is known for the reliability and timeliness of their pen test results, as well as their ability to provide practical recommendations for addressing security issues.

4. IBM Security

IBM Security, a part of IBM Corporation, is a global leader in cybersecurity and provides dependable pen testing services. Their team of experts focuses on vulnerability assessment and identification of potential threats to an organization's networks and systems. The combination of advanced technology and expert skills has established IBM Security as a key player in the cybersecurity industry.

5. Coalfire

Coalfire specializes in compliance and security risk assessment. Their pen testing services include penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and compliance assessment. Coalfire is known for its focus on compliance-based security and in-depth knowledge of industry regulatory frameworks.

6. Secureworks

Secureworks is a leading cybersecurity solutions provider, offering pen testing and security consulting services. Their team of experts has a strong reputation for handling complex cybersecurity challenges and delivering customized services to their clients.

7. FireEye

FireEye is renowned for its innovative technologies and sophisticated security services. They offer a wide range of pen testing services, focusing on identifying advanced threats and potentially damaging attacks. Their expertise in handling advanced attacks has made FireEye a popular choice for organizations in need of top-tier pen testing.

8. Checkmarx

Checkmarx is a leading application security services provider offering pen testing and code security scanning solutions. They provide in-depth security analysis for web applications and software, helping organizations identify and address potential security vulnerabilities.

9. Synack

Synack is a unique pentesting company with a different approach, involving a global community of independent security experts. With a "crowdsourced" approach, Synack provides talented and diverse testers to identify vulnerabilities that are difficult to reach through traditional methods.

10. Trustwave SpiderLabs

Trustwave SpiderLabs is the research and security consulting division of Trustwave. They offer a human-centric pen testing service, focusing on simulating real-world attacks to test an organization's readiness to face security threats.

11. SecureLink

SecureLink is a cybersecurity company that provides comprehensive pen testing and security consulting services. They work with various types of organizations and industries, offering comprehensive risk assessments and recommendations to strengthen security defenses.

12. Trustwave Fusion

Trustwave Fusion is a cloud-based security platform that includes pen testing and security management services. With an integrated approach, they provide in-depth risk analysis and help organizations effectively manage their security.

13. NetSPI

NetSPI is a pen testing company specializing in identifying advanced vulnerabilities in infrastructure and applications. With a focus on world-class penetration testing, NetSPI has gained a strong reputation in tackling complex security challenges.

14. Bishop Fox

Bishop Fox is a cybersecurity company providing penetration testing and security consulting services. They focus on identifying unique and potentially harmful security threats and offer recommendations to enhance security.

15. RapidSpike

RapidSpike is a UK-based cybersecurity company that provides pen testing and security monitoring services. In addition to penetration testing, they also offer performance monitoring and analysis, helping organizations protect their applications and networks from cyber threats.

16. Kaspersky

Kaspersky Lab is a global cybersecurity company known for its advanced security products and services. They also provide pen testing and security consulting services to help organizations protect their infrastructure from cyber threats.

17. TrustPort

TrustPort is a cybersecurity and technology services provider based in the Czech Republic. They offer pen testing and vulnerability scanning services focused on detecting and addressing security loopholes in systems and networks.

18. Offensive Security

Offensive Security is well-known for its OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional) certification courses. They also provide pen testing and network and application-based penetration testing services performed by specialists with OSCP certifications.

19. Core Security

Core Security, now known as HelpSystems, is a leading cybersecurity services provider. They offer pen testing and threat monitoring services with a focus on detecting and identifying critical vulnerabilities.

20. SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit (CTU)

The Counter Threat Unit (CTU) of SecureWorks is a security team specializing in detecting and responding to high-level cyber threats. They also provide pen testing and security consulting services to help organizations combat complex cyber threats.

21. Cognosec

Cognosec is an international cybersecurity company providing various services, including pen testing and security assessment. They work with diverse clients in various sectors to protect assets and sensitive data from cyber attacks.


Selecting the right penetration testing company is a critical step in safeguarding an organization from cybersecurity threats. This list includes some of the best penetration testing companies in the world based on knowledge until September 2021. However, the world of cybersecurity is continuously evolving, and the ranking and reputation of companies may change over time.

Before choosing a penetration testing company, it is essential to conduct further research, consider their reputation and expertise, and engage in direct discussions to understand how they can meet the unique needs of your organization. With collaboration and assistance from a reliable penetration testing company, your organization can enhance security, identify security gaps, and reduce the risk of cyber threats.